C. B. Tune-Up Manual Master Edition V5 - Manuals Thomas. but they will start in the ish range and go up from there. Check Thomas Distributing for C. B. Tune-Up Manual Master Edition Volume 5. Covers Over 2000 Different Radios. GALAXY SATURN - GALAXY 44V - GALAXY 77HML - GALAXY SIRIUS - COLT 480 - COLT 1000 - CONNEX 3300 - DAK.

Connex CX 3300 HP 10 Meter Amateur Radio To set SWR, switch to channel of your choice, switch SWR control to CAL, key or press PTT, while pressing PTT rotate ADJ knob until max deflection of needle on meter, release mic, switch control to SWR, key/press PTT, needle reading/deflection is SWR for that channel. The ever popular Connex 3300 HP 10 meter radio now with BLUE LED channel. Bracket; Mounting Knobs; Microphone Holder; Operation/Owners Manual.

Meter Transceiver eBay This is because you have too b excursion of channels (240 channels).2. However as earlier stated, you seem to have 240 channels which would mean that your radio antenna moves in a wide bandwidth and since the antenna tuning is affected by frequency, your SWR will also be affected by channel. I will assume you are referring to power output, set it to HH when doing SWR calibration Hope this be of some help/idea. CONNEX 3300 HP 10 Meter/Amatuer Radio/Tranceiver, NEW. mounting bracket /microphone/power cord/manual / this model has the brht /dim switch/. CONNEX 3300HP-ZX 10 METER RADIO CB / HAM HH & LOW POWER WITH. fuse, VOX microphone w/hanger, mounting bracket w/screws, instruction manual.

SINCE 1976, OUR “B DUMMY'S” MANUAL OF CB Pls post back how things turned up or should you need additional information. i have a 10k on a quad mag mount my radio is a galaxy 98vhp peaked and tuned and i talk every where i key on base stations no problem that antenna is a beast you have some issues goin on over there u need to get that tuned i have a flat 1.0 and i run around 250 true watts and my swr never goes past 1.1 you wanna be loud n talk tune that puppy rht bgest thing for them is ground best thing is to run it on a huge magnet best ground there is and you have to have good coax that has alot to do with it just tiny little things you have to check make sure everything is set up correctly That style will get about 60w PEAK.. To cash in B on the booming CB radio repair business, without wasting a pile. NR100, NR150, Connex 3300, 3500, Dirland 3300, 3500, 3600, 3700, 3900.

CB RADIO SECRET MASTER TUNE-UP MANUAL Normally SWR are calibrated on your operating channel (where you usually stand-by). your keyboard membrane is needing cleaned with IPA you must have spilled coke or pepsi or sohing conductive on its membrane so i would just look to replace it you need to perhaps replace some capacitors in the controller board section i think dry caps cause this esp low value ones around the mpu 4600 turbo? CHANNEL MASTER RADIOS. CONNEX RADIOS. Model, Modulation, AM Power, SSB Power. 3300, Cut R249 & R246, VR13 L PWR L32 L33 HI PWR.

Connex CX-3300HP OEM Radio Report - I would suspect that your SWR will vary from your current 1.4. Connex CX-3300HP OEM Radio Report on 12-11-11 a Radio like this.

Connex Radios Index This is to maximize transmit power and receive sensitivity. Connex Documentation Project See Icon Key at The Bottom of Page. MC145106. n/a. CX3300HP. MC145106. n/a. Owner's Manual. Radio.

Galaxy 88 Radio Communication eBay Find great deals on eBay for Galaxy 88 in CB Radios. This meter is used in many other radios Including Connex 3300, 3300HP, 4300HP, General Lee, Washington, AP Hill, Virage, Mirage, North S. Paper Copy Of Owner's Manual.