BMW 7 Series Test Drive 750i and 750Li Are Powerful, Tech. And this new desn direction is best seen up close and in person—there are many sheetmetal subtleties that photos just cannot capture. longer as a 750Li, the BMW 7 Series is powered by the same twin-turbocharged, 4.4-liter V8 found in the BMW X6. Oct 30, 2009. Available as a 750i, or 5.5-in. longer as a 750Li, the BMW 7 Series is. And every one of them is documented in the owner's manual stored.

Online Edition for Part no. 01 41 2 603 048 - © 08/09 BMW AG But for those seeking flagship Bimmer luxury and technology, the company has revamped its top-dog BMW 7 Series for 2009. And with an eye toward fuel economy, BMW says it may bring over the diesel version of the 7 series for 2010, along with a hybrid model. —Basem Wasef Despite their controversial styling, the last 7 Series models managed to sell more than 345,000 units worldwide. Please take the time to read this Owner's Manual and familiarize. taining the value of your BMW throughout an extended service life. 7 Control Display 16.

BMW Repair Manual - BMW 7 Series E38 1995-2001 - Bentley. The success of BMW's 1 Series offers proof that the German company can successfully downsize its cars. The BMW 7 Series E38 Service Manual 1995-2001 is a comprehensive source of. as a source of detailed maintenance and repair information, the owner who has no. Publishing note Prior to February 2010, this book was published in a.

Owners Manual - Dealer E-Process As more manufactures hurry to launch Prius-like hybrids and pure electric vehicles, BMW will combat hh fuel costs with its most economical 3 Series yet. Read this Owner's Manual before starting off in your new BMW. Also use the. equipment that is offered in the model series. 7 Steering column stalk, left.