Bar Code Label <strong>Printer</strong>

Bar Code Label Printer It also provides the manual switching feature which works in exactly the same way as the conventional data switch and thus offers you more convenience in your printer sharing applications. LEDs; 8 service LEDs, 8 request LEDs, 1 Main control LED, 1 printer error LED. Information and specifications in this manual are subject to change without notice. © 1996 by Intermec. a Centronics parallel interface installed in your printer.

<i>Parallel</i> Port Complete

Parallel Port Complete The parallel printer sharing device allows up to 8 computers to share 1 printer. The port in the orinal PC was based on an existing Centronics printer. Manual switches are inexpensive, though some printer manufacturers warn that.

User <strong>manual</strong> - Custom

User manual - Custom It provides the automatics switching which automatiy locks-on and services the computer that requests to print and puts the printer to work. Total or partial reproduction of this manual in whatever form, whether by printed or. down the PRINT and FEED keys while switching on, with the jumper JP2 F. The printer has a Centronics parallel interface and is connected using a.