Single Variable <strong>Calculus</strong> -

Single Variable Calculus - Math 131 is a calculus course primarily intended for students in the life or social sciences, such as Biology, Pharmacy, and Economics. The book includes some exercises and examples from Elementary Calculus An. Most exercises have answers in Appendix A; the availability of an answer is.

<strong>WileyPLUS</strong> - <strong>Calculus</strong> Single Variable, 6th

WileyPLUS - Calculus Single Variable, 6th The main emphasis will on the practical interpretation of calculus in numerical, graphical, and algebraic terms, although important theoretical concepts will also be covered. Course Materials to help you personalize lessons and optimize your time, including Instructor's Manual; Instructor's Solution Manual; Image Gallery & Art PPT's.

Full text of Calculus 10th Edition H. Anton" -" />

Full text of "Calculus 10th Edition H. Anton" - The main topics of the course are functions, differentiation, integration and applications. The Student Solutions Manual is also provided in dital format to students in WileyPLUS. Volume I Single- Variable Calculus, Early Transcendentals ISBN.