Dodge WC series - pedia SPECIFICATIONS: Ambulance ¾-TON, 4x4 KD, 3 rear doors, collapsible body (KD i.e. The Dodge WC series was a range of lht military trucks produced by Dodge and Fargo during World War II. The series included weapon carriers, telephone installation trucks. Length 13 ft 11 in / 4.24 m; Heht with canvas cover 6 ft 10 in / 2.08 m; Heht with top down 5 ft 2 in / 1.57 m; Weht 5,645 lb / 2 560 kg net.

TM 9-808 1944 3/4 Ton 4x4 Truck Dodge - Combined Arms "knock-down" for easy shipment), Crew of 2, capacity 4-6 casualties laying on litters or 8 sitting, Weht Net weht 6,880 lbs, Gross weht 8,500 lbs. DODGE. WAR DEPARTMENT. 31 January 1944. $Is manual supersedes TM 9-808, 12 May. Fure 10-Emergency Repair Model WC-60-Rht Rear View.

TM 10-1531 Maintenance Manual - Portrayal Cast iron block and head Displacement: 230 cubic inches. Truck, 3/4-ton, 4x4 (Dodge T214): Reinforcement of Frame Side Rail. Truck 3/4-ton, 4x4, Ambulance (Dodge Model WC-54; T214): Reinforcement of Attendant's Seat. Fits, Tolerances, and Wear Limits for Dodge T214 and T223 Engines. Truck, 3/4-ton, 4x4 (Dodge): Conversion of 8 3/4-inch Drive Gear Carrier Assembly to 9 5/8-inch Assembly and the Two-Pinion Type Differential to the Four-Pinion Type. Truck, 3/4-ton, 4x4, WC 64 KD, Ambulance (Dodge T214): Monroe Telescopic Shock Absorber. Maintenance Manual for Dodge 3/4 Ton Truck G502. Dated September 1, 1942. This is a reprint of the official Dodge maintenance manual for the WC-51.

Cal - Dodge WC-64KD Ambulance Manual steering 6 volt electrical system Top Speed: 54mph / 87 km/h Fuel capacity: 30 gallons / 115 liters Cruising range: 240 miles / 400 km fuel consumption 1:5 (l/km) Engine: Chrysler T214, 3,780 cm3, six-cylinder, in-line, L-head, four cycle. Cal manuals Dodge ¾ ton • TM10-1530, May 1942. Parts List 3/4 Ton 4X4 Dodge Truck WC-51 thru WC-.

Department of the Army cal Manual Collection - Payload 680 kg Dimensions: Wheelbase: 121" / 3.07 m Overall dimensions 192 5/8" x 99 3/8" x 84" (heht reducible to 67 ½"), length 4,90 m, heht 2,10 m, wide 2,14 m Dodge banjo hypoid gear differentials Hydraulic drum brakes. Maintenance Manual, Truck, 1/2-Ton 4x2, Dodge Models WC-36, WC-37, WC-38 and WC-39. War Dept. Oct. 1941. 157 p. U408.3. A13 TM 10-1155.