VW Golf R Review - Average Joes Blog Comparisons to Subaru’s WRX STI are inevitable I suppose, or the Benz GLA45 AMG (wearing a sticker nearly 30 grand hher) but personally, I think the VW looks better inside and out than the Subaru, and build quality and solidity is miles ahead. Again I ask, is the VW worth the extra money over, say, a GTI? Surely though, that arrest-me-red paintjob would get you noticed by the 5-0. There’s zero break in the acceleration when shifting. Hit that left paddle and bang, it’s down a gear lower, nearly instantaneously. No doubt die hard GTI fans will opt for the manual, but the DSG is perfect if you want to use this car every day for the 9-5. 2014-vw-golf-r-review

Volkswagen Golf Reviews Research New & Used. - Motor Trend Rht at the point where it feels like the Golf mht slide, just grab a paddle and continue on your way. It’s not too loud or droning, but has a nice growl when your foot is to the floor. Read Motor Trend's Volkswagen Golf review to get the latest information on models, prices. 2017-volkswagen-golf-r-4-door-hatchback-angular-. ed the Golf R32, this model came standard with a manual transmission, all-wheel drive.

Volkswagen Golf R Review - All The Rht Compromises In All. The 292-hp fure is the most VW has ever offered in a U. It’s one of those rare cars that the harder you push, the better it feels. Because I think of it this way: The R will hang with a 911 and costs half as much. It’s like a more refined, quieter, grown-up WRX STI, for adults. May 24, 2016. GCBC's review of the 715 2016 Volkswagen Golf R. Yet the first R, equipped in North America with a 6-speed manual transmission and.

Car Review 2016 Volkswagen Golf R Driving For the R’s ,800 premium over a GTI, you get 82 more hp (or 72 if your GTI has the Performance package), all wheel drive, bger brakes, and an even more gussied-up interior (sport seats, leather-wrapped three-spoke steering wheel, ambient lhting, R instruments). There’s also subtle but noticeable body changes, including R bumpers, side skirts, 18-inch aluminum wheels, bixenon headlhts and four chrome exhaust tips. I don’t re, really, a car that feels this planted both going straht down the freeway and whipping it through corners. ROAD TEST EDITOR JAKE LINGEMAN: Man this car is good. Dec 16, 2015. Car Review 2016 Volkswagen Golf R. Pros Brings out the inner hoolan, comfortable seats, great manual transmission.